McLaren reveals new $2.93M Speedtail Hyper-GT

2019 McLaren Speedtail images leak

McLaren Speedtail Pumps 1035HP And 250MPH Top End As Rightful Heir To Legendary McLaren F1

Limited to just 106 examples to preserve exclusivity, the price of the Speedtail will start from £1.75 million, plus taxes - but an extensive options list and limitless scope for personalisation should mean nearly every auto breaks the £2 million barrier.

Certainly there was a tacit admission from those in charge that its quoted V-Max is first and foremost about exceeding the 243mph set by the McLaren F1 rather than chasing an absolute, at-all-costs limit.

The most powerful and most aerodynamically drag-efficient McLaren Speedtail boasts a top speed of 403 km/h and will see a limited production run of just 106 units. It quickly became a dream auto for fresh-out-of-high-school American entrepreneurs riding the dotcom revolution with millions of dollars to burn and no long-term investment plans. Be that as it may, the auto still comes with a special "Velocity" mode that lowers it by 35mm and "optimises the powertrain and aerodynamics".

Noticeably absent are rearview mirrors and sun visors. McLaren recently held a private reveal to future and existing customers in London where all cars were sold to the tune of $2.24 million (1.75 million British pounds). With over 1,000 horsepower and flexible, avant-garde carbon fiber construction, the 2019 McLaren Speedtail is an unbelievable 250 mile-per-hour machine.

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The front wheels are covered in aerodynamic shields that stay still as the wheels spin. And that body? Also carbon fibre, every panel, from front to back and designed with as few shut lines as possible. Additionally, the digital rear-view cameras can be retracted to further improve drag. They're not really rear seats, but we can only imagine what the thrill ride is going to be like for these passengers. This gives the material a shimmering appearance that can have a variety of colors. Even with the low-slung design, McLaren engineers have been able to utilise Low-Temperature Radiators to keep things cool.

McLaren is particularly keen to highlight the active ailerons attached to the trailing edge of the car's rear-end.

Because of the lack of curtain airbags due to its center steering design, the Speedtail will not be road legal in the United States.

While McLaren is obviously proud of the car's performance abilities, the Speedtail turns its nose up at such uncouth pastimes as lap records and other associated hooliganism. Those side-view cameras retract, and the aluminum active suspension lowers the vehicle by 1.4 inches. That said, a third of the run was sold to American customers, meaning those that bring the vehicle here will need to apply for a show and display exemption.

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