Trump Discusses Trade Issues With China's Xi

Changing China's economic model might ease external and domestic pressures on the economy

Changing China's economic model might ease external and domestic pressures on the economy

US President Donald Trump said Thursday he had "very good" talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the trade conflict between the two economic giants, and meetings were being planned at the G20 summit at the end of this month.

Xi also said in the phone call that he hoped the two world's largest economies will be able to promote a steady and healthy relationship.

Trump has asked key United States officials to begin drafting potential terms, Bloomberg said, adding that the push for a possible deal with China was prompted by his telephone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday.

"I hope that China and the USA will meet each other halfway and will appropriately handle their differences with mutual respect and equal cooperation", stated the Chinese premier.

If you look at their economy, the Chinese economy is not doing well.

It was unclear if Trump was easing up on US demands that China has resisted.

China and the United States should work together to get their relations back on track, China's premier said in Beijing on Thursday, ahead of the USA midterm elections and a possible meeting between presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump.

Officials are working to resolve differences ahead of upcoming talks between President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

DoJ indicts Chinese hackers for stealing from U.S. and European aerospace companies
The Justice Department said those hacked included a French firm co-developing a turbofan jet engine with a United States company. The malware, called Sakula , was created to exploit vulnerabilities in the Internet Explorer web browser.

Trump said that in early October China wanted to come in and make a deal, but he told them they weren't ready.

China and the United States are locked in an increasingly bitter trade war, and both countries have already placed tariffs on some of each others' imports.

Just after the upbeat readouts of the Trump-Xi call, the Justice Department announced the latest in a long list of actions against what Trump administration calls China's cheating through intellectual property theft, unfair corporate subsidies and rules hampering USA corporations in China.

Trump administration officials have said that trade talks with China can not resume until Beijing comes up with specific actions it is willing take to meet United States demands for sweeping changes to policies on technology transfers, industrial subsidies and market access.

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander told Li that the delegation was there "to show our respect to a great country and a great people". Washington, Europe and other trading partners say those violate China's market-opening obligations and some American officials worry they might erode US industrial leadership.

Xi said he was "very happy" to talk to Trump again and attaches "great importance to good relations with the president", according to China's official Xinhua news agency. And they're having a hard time, and they'll be fine, ' Trump said Wednesday.

Trump warned that if China doesn't "treat us fairly, we're not going to treat them fairly" in remarks at an event for American workers at the White House.

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