Attacks in Yemen target air base, port

A scene at the Misk Art festival in Riyadh

A scene at the Misk Art festival in Riyadh

No injuries were reported, SPA said.

He said both the internationally-recognized Yemeni government and Houthi rebels "are not enabling us to do our work as fast as we should".

The alliance, which relies on Western arms and intelligence, was on Wednesday still sending troops to the Houthi-held port city of Hodeidah where it has massed thousands of forces in recent days, pro-coalition Yemeni military sources said.

They said forces backed by airstrikes from the Saudi-led coalition have been trying to retake the port city of Hodeida, the main entry point for food in a country teetering on the brink of starvation.

Most aid agencies operate in Houthi-held areas where they face movement restrictions.

The airstrikes in Sanaa came days after a US call for an urgent halt to the Saudi-Iran proxy war in Yemen and the start of negotiations in November toward a political settlement of the conflict.

Pressure has been mounting on the United Kingdom and U.S. in recent weeks to take a stronger stance on their close relationships with Saudi Arabia, with the two powers continuing to sell weapons to the regime used to bomb Yemen.

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Children under five are at particular risk of dying from severe malnutrition as well as preventable diseases such as measles, cholera and diphtheria.

Three-quarters of Yemen's 29 million people are food insecure, 1.8 children suffer from malnutrition and 400,000 children under age 5 are in the worst stage of malnutrition - without intervention they might die.

"My objective is to appeal to the parties to the conflict to understand that there is an opportunity that must be seized, and to say that the humanitarian situation is so dire that if that doesn't happen" the world will have to deal with a starvation in Yemen next year, he said.

"An end to the conflict is. a much-needed step but it needs to be complemented with investment and governance of this country that puts the interest of the people at the center and the interest of the children at the core of politics", Mr.Cappelaere said.

"This is not an overstatement", Mr. Cappelaere said.

The media center added that tense battles are also taking place at the southern entrance of the city and that liberation operations are continuing with the support of the Arab Coalition in several key locations in Hodeidah. Around 90% of Yemen's needs are imported from overseas. In September, the Saudi-led coalition admitted that mistakes were made in an August airstrike that killed 40 children, an event considered an apparent war crime by the United Nations human rights body.

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