Google Canada Employees Stage Walkout Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Google parent Alphabet says another executive accused of sexual harassment has left the companyMore

Google parent Alphabet says another executive accused of sexual harassment has left the companyMore

Hundreds of Google employees around the world have walked off the job, in an unprecedented protest against the internet giant's lenient approach to executives accused of sexual misconduct.

The protest, billed "Walkout For Real Change", comes a week after a New York Times story detailed allegations of sexual misconduct about creator of its Android software, Andy Rubin.

Thousands of workers also streamed out of Google's European headquarters in Dublin, as well as offices in London, Zurich, Berlin, Tokyo and Singapore.

Google reportedly found the allegation credible, asked for his resignation and gave him an exit package worth $90 million. Rubin has denied the allegation.

Mr Pichai said in a statement: "We are taking in all their feedback so we can turn these ideas into action".

There should be a representative for employees on the board, the walkout leaders added.

"It's time we stop congratulating ourselves just because it used to be so much worse", Google Engineering Manager Raymond Blum told CNBC. Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., says it doesn't offer payouts to people it fires for sexual harassment anymore.

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"I know some [female Google employees] have experienced" some type of sexism at the company, he said.

After Google announced last week it fired 48 people for sexual harassment since 2016, almost 1,500 workers were planning a walk-out at the company's offices globally on Thursday, the media reported. The report further said that Google had shielded many of its top executive accused of sexual misconduct in the past, the list included lab X director Richard DeVaul.

They're calling for an end to pay inequality, sexual assault transparency, an across-the-board reporting policy for sexual misconduct, a diversity officer, and an employee to be included on the board. Currently, the company requires employees to waive their right to sue in cases of sexual harassment, and often includes confidentiality agreements, the Times reports.

The demonstrations started at 11:10 AM local time for each office.

But the signs and the chants blamed Google for not being forthcoming about its handling of harassment claims.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai joined its vice president of people operations, Eileen Naughton, in reassuring staff that the company was "dead serious" about ensuring it provided a "safe and inclusive workplace", Bloomberg reported.

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