Andrew Lincoln to Return for Multiple ‘The Walking Dead’ Movies on AMC

The Walking Dead

THE WALKING DEAD Cast Members Say Goodbye to Andrew Lincoln by Writing Rick Grimes' Tombstone

If you haven't been keeping up with The Walking Dead and don't want it spoiled for you then you're free to click out now.

Andrew Lincoln's final episode on The Walking Dead just aired, but you don't have to say goodbye to Rick Grimes just yet. The former Deputy Sheriff, who has been the heart and soul of this series over the past eight-and-a-half seasons is departing, and AMC have made sure to cash in on that fact.

"It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning", Andrew said on The Talking Dead after the episode aired. For the longest time, it looks like Rick is done for.

Rick Grimes ain't done. Are you eager to continue on with Rick's story, or would you rather have seen them kill the character off on the show and be done with it? Shooting a movie for two or three months is far easier, schedule-wise, than basically living in Atlanta for most of the year to shoot The Walking Dead.

Steven Yeun appeared on The Walking Dead from season 1 to 7 as Glenn Rhee.

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IYCMI, Rick didn't die on Lincoln's last episode - though everyone thought he did after he blew up the bridge.

Echoing Serratos' tombstone sentiment, Tom Payne (Paul "Jesus" Rovia) also highlighted Rick's hardened personality with his tombstone message, "you didn't know who you were f-ing with", while Callan McAuliffe (Alden) suggested "legend" - not only for Lincoln's character but for the actor himself, he added. Indeed, a mortally wounded Rick was taunted by hallucinations of the Ghosts of The Walking Dead Past like Jon Bernthal, only to be rescued at the last possible moment by a helicopter that flew him off to... well we don't know where. The movies are scheduled to begin production in 2019.

Gimple's plans for expanding the Walking Dead universe don't seem to be limited just to full-length films, either.

"There is more story to tell and we'll be telling it", said Scott M. Gimple, chief content officer for the show. "What's going on? What have the grown-ups been doing while we've been scrambling around in the dirt?" "I know nothing! [Laughs.] There are lots of moving parts to this extraordinary franchise".

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