Iranians mark embassy takeover on eve of U.S. sanctions

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Open to new deal with Iran: Trump

You're reimposing, as we said, all USA sanctions on Iran, but you're giving exemptions to eight countries to allow them to keep buying oil from Tehran.

"There's a key fact here: in this 40-year challenge, the defeated is the U.S. and the victorious is the Islamic republic", Trump announced in May he was withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions, sparking outrage among world powers who say Iran has been complying with commitments to restrict its atomic programme.

They are the second tranche of sanctions - with the first batch already imposed in August - which aim to significantly cut Iran's oil exports.

Senator Marco Rubio of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee responded to the administration's announcement, specifically noting the SWIFT transactions issues as well as the issuance of SREs: "More must be done to press the SWIFT financial messaging service to once again sever connections with the Central Bank of Iran and other sanctioned Iranian banks by a certain date".

Rouhani said in a the meeting on Monday: "I announce that we will proudly bypass your illegal, unjust sanctions because it's against worldwide regulations".

It also said the lifting of sanctions allowed Iran to finance militant groups and its own military activity.

"Sanctions have always existed and we are used to them", said one woman protester who only gave her name as Torabi.

Mr Trump's secretary of state Mike Pompeo has defended the sanctions and heralded them as the "toughest" ever put in place on the country. We are confronting a bullying enemy. "But America's plots and its plans for sanctions will be defeated through continued resistance", he said.

Nigerian army cites Trump speech before killing dozens of protesters
The post was apparently an attempt to justify the military's deadly crackdown on protesters in the West African nation. The army's official Twitter handle shared a video by United States president Donald Trump .

Those factors, along with a spate of recent weak economic reports out of China and other emerging markets, have shifted the conversation back toward worries about oversupply, and pushed United States futures to lows not seen since April, interrupting an upward move that had consistently found support during the rally's modest pullbacks.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during parliament's open session on confidence vote for four new ministers, in Tehran, Iran, October 27, 2018.

With the sanctions clampdown, Trump is seeking to push Iran to end uranium enrichment outright, and halt its ballistic missile development and support for proxy forces in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

One user tweeted in English: "Over the past 40 years, the Islamic regime of Iran tried to present the United States and Israel as Iran's enemies".

The sanctions which snap back Monday were lifted in 2015 when Iran agreed to a multilateral nuclear deal meant to prevent Tehran from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

In other words, China and the United States are already bleeding each other economically. He said that, in parallel, Iran will look more defiant in the public eye, with the potential of the Islamic republic dragging negotiations out for a couple of years.

Turkey said on Saturday that Ankara had received initial indications from Washington that it would be granted a waiver, but is awaiting clarification on Monday.

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