Georgia's Brian Kemp Announces Election Hacking Charge Against Democrats

Tears A Trump supporter cries as he arrives for a campaign rally at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Belgrade Montana

Georgia Dems accused of ‘hacking voting system’ blame Rep rival for ‘power abuse’

Abrams slammed Kemp as a "bald-faced liar" who abused his powers as the sitting secretary of state when he suggested over the weekend, without offering evidence, that the Georgia Democratic Party tampered with the state's online voter database. Over 53,000 voter registrations are still pending because, according to Kemp's office, the applications do not match other government records. 11th hour, cynical ploys come as no surprise from Brian Kemp, a man who raided the offices of organizations who register people to vote and had a woman arrested for helping her blind father cast his ballot.

The survey -published by the Trafalgar Group- has GOP candidate Brian Kemp garnering 54% of the vote compared with Stacey Abrams 40%.

The bitter campaign for Georgia governor reaches its climax Tuesday as voters choose between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams in a contest both rivals frame as a battle for the soul of the state. Rather, they said, Small had received an email from a voter that pointed out flaws in the voter registration's security system, and how it could be exploited to find voters' personal information.

'I just want to say: Jesus don't like ugly... If neither Kemp nor Abrams wins a majority - a distinct possibility with a Libertarian candidate on the ballot - there could be another month of campaigning.

"I think, unfortunately, Secretary Kemp has not only abused his power, he has failed to do his job", Abrams said in an interview with ABC's Good Morning America.

Donald Trump, who has used incendiary language in his campaign appearances over the past few weeks, appeared with Kemp in Georgia on Sunday, at a rally which Kemp pulled out of a scheduled debate with Abrams to attend.

US midterm vote likely to draw historic numbers to the polls
Another way to read the tea-leaves is to look at the popularity of the two parties themselves, as revealed in the generic ballot. The #MeToo movement, health care and immigration issues all touch on how many Americans see themselves reflected in politics.

"Kemp tried to play that Trump card to get where he's at", she said, adding that Abrams, by contrast, highlighted unity.

Democrats denied Kemp's claim and ripped the investigation as a "political stunt" from a "desperate" candidate. Democrats are expected to pick up several governor's seats around the country, particularly across the Midwest region that helped propel Trump to the White House in 2016.

"Thank you very much, Georgia", he opened. Republicans have successfully shut out Democrats from holding any statewide office in Georgia since 2010.

The FBI said they have no comment about opening an investigation. Democrats see a potential opening as demographic shifts have made the Atlanta suburbs less white.

Meanwhile, Republican incumbents on the utility-regulating Public Service Commission are running amid an outcry over spiraling costs for the Plant Vogtle nuclear plant expansion.

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