Diablo Immortal Fan Backlash "Totally Understandable", Says Blizzard

Blizzard  Activision announces Diablo Immortal for iOS

Blizzard president on Diablo Immortal: "We want awesome mobile games and we think this could be one of them”

Following last week's Diablo Immortal announcement, fans have found unique ways to poke fun at the upcoming mobile game, now hailed as "a slap in the face" from Blizzard.

Dan Elggren, Production Director for Diablo Immortal and Incubation, and Allen Adham, a Blizzard Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Incubation spoke to Digital Trends about the future of Blizzard and Diablo Immortal.

Chinese internet firm Netease, already a domestic partner for several other Blizzard titles, has been involved in the development of "Diablo Immortal", which promises a faithful continuation of the "Diablo" formula.

A release date for the iOS and Android game is yet to be announced.

Blizzard went out and told Kotaku the truth. According to sources who spoke to Kotaku, Blizzard had meant to tease Diablo IV, which is indeed in development, but decided at the last minute they weren't yet ready to commit.

He followed up that information with: "We still have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects". And reinforcements are always only a tap away thanks to the native Blizzard Battle.net UI designed specifically for Diablo Immortal, which allows you to chat and form groups easily in the middle of the most frantic battle. Nevertheless, even if the devs are planning a new Diablo 4, was Blizzcon the right place to announce Diablo Immortal? NetEase develops and operates some of China's most popular PC-client and mobile games, and partners with Blizzard Entertainment, Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary) and other global game developers to operate some of the most popular worldwide online games in China. In that a number of fans have been waiting for a while and a vocal contingent still feeling that the series hasn't recovered from the whole real-world money Auction House that debuted with Diablo 3 back in 2012.

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We are definitely excited to hear what you think of this new game.

Fans say that the upcoming title "Diablo Immortal" is a slap in the face. Why?

This is a vague statement and one that doesn't in any way suggest that Blizzard is moving away from its core games.

In a report via Eurogamer though, Blizzard has since said that they did not: "pull any announcements from BlizzCon this year or have plans for other announcements".

While we wait for more confirmed Diablo news, check out all of the news and trailers we saw at BlizzCon 2018. Created to be a living, breathing, and constantly evolving experience, Diablo Immortal will regularly introduce new storylines, new playable character classes, new loot, and all-new challenges-which you can face side-by-side with your friends. or foolishly choose to confront on your own.

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