Thousands pack Times Square in support of Mueller investigation

Janice Rogers Brown

Janice Rogers Brown

Trump has since appointed Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who protesters claim is a Trump "loyalist" who will stifle the U.S. Department of Justice's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned at the request of President Donald Trump, according to a letter delivered to the White House, after becoming a target of the president's open contempt for ceding control of the Russian Federation investigation. He wrote a year ago on that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should limit the scope of Mueller's investigation to stop him from delving into Trump's finances.

That investigation is now being lead by former FBI director Robert Mueller, who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and has overseen the probe's work.

Graham at the time said: "Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency".

Under government ethics regulation, federal employees are required to recuse themselves from matters where their impartiality could reasonably be questioned. The group also urged people to pressure Congress to protect the Mueller investigation.

Matthew Whitaker is replacing his former boss, Jeff Sessions. He said that Mr Mueller was not Senate confirmed so "don't talk to me about Whitaker". Nobody Is Above The Law said it wants Whitaker to recuse himself from supervising the investigation. We're mobilizing immediately to demand accountability, because Trump is not above the law.

Billed as an "emergency protest", event organizers Democrats Abroad and described it as a demonstration against U.S. President Donald Trump's "sabotage of the Mueller investigation".

Sessions, a 71-year-old former Republican senator from Alabama, was the first senator to endorse Trump's insurgent presidential campaign.

"In my time as Attorney General we have restored and upheld the rule of law", Sessions said in the letter addressed to Trump.

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Tuesday's election ended a two-month "quiet period" for Mueller's probe, and the special counsel is now expected to resume indictments and possibly attempt to force the President himself to testify under oath. A court might then issue a temporary restraining order blocking his removal. The law was meant to address vacancies created by deaths or resignations, but it is not clear it also applies to those created by firings. If sacked, he could seek to challenge his own firing.

Senior party officials have so far shied away from directly proposing the idea but have emphatically condemned the decision to fire Sessions and appoint Whitaker.

"According to the chain of command, (Rosenstein) should be the attorney general", Gorton said.

Thanking Sessions for his service, Romney said that it was "imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded".

"I have some very, very good people", he said. What? Because he has an impression what the Mueller investigation should look like is different from what Senate and House Democrats believe?

"It's unfortunate that we all knew the president was going to try to get rid of Jeff Sessions", Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said.

Such actions would likely draw less political backlash than firing Mueller directly, said Rosenzweig.

Whitaker also worked on Sam Clovis's failed campaign for Iowa state treasurer in 2014 after both of them ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate.

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