Rick Scott’s Investigation Request Has Already Been Denied

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Republican Ron DeSantis holds a lead of.44 percent over Democrat Andrew Gillum in the election for governor, or 36,211 votes. Bill Nelson is rattling the post-election cup.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, lists the Democratic Executive Committee as a plaintiff with Nelson and Florida Secretary Ken Detzner as a defendant. The Scott campaign said bluntly Sen. In 2014, Brenda Snipes' fellow Democrats accused her of individual and systemic breakdowns that made it hard for voters to cast regular ballots. If the signature on the ballot envelope doesn't match state records, the vote is rejected.

The information sought includes ballots not yet reviewed by the Canvassing Board, absentee ballots and early voting ballots. A spokeswoman for the agency said there were no credible allegations of fraud, therefore no active investigation.

"If you look at Broward and Palm Beach (counties) to a lesser extent. they have had a frightful history", Trump told reporters at the White House before departing for Paris. Concession speech or no, Florida law requires an automatic machine recount in any race where the margin of victory is within one-half of 1 percentage point.

Scott said he will not accept the behavior of "unethical liberals". Florida will vote for governor, U.S. Senate, Cabinet seats, Congress and decide 12 ballot questions.

The next morning, Mr Nelson, who has served 18 years as senator, said in a statement: "We are proceeding to a recount". Elias said it was odd that the undervoting was happening at the top of the ticket, rather than downballot.

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes now must "allow immediate" viewing and copying of records that were requested, CBS Miami reported.

Bill Nelson has already begun preparing for a potential recount in a race still too close to call against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Media captionThe Democratic candidate in Georgia's gubernatorial race will not concede until all the state's votes are counted.

"In spite of the fact that we're a little bit down in the numbers, we're hopeful that every single vote will be counted in this race".

"As more votes are being counted, Sen".

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"It has been over 48 hours since the polls closed, and Broward and Palm Beach counties are still finding and counting ballots", Scott said. Her department's website said ballots cast on Election Day have been counted.

"The results of the 2018 Senate election are unknown and I think that you and the elections officials should treat it as such", Elias told reporters on a conference call.

Florida, the state that dragged the 2000 USA presidential election to a crawl and almost broke the country's storied democratic process is once again headed toward the uncertainty of a statewide recount.

Clearly, Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted and he's impeding the democratic process.

As of November 7 at 9:14 pm Scott narrowly led Nelson by 0.4 percentage points, with 99 percent of precincts reporting, according to The New York Times.

In response, the governor has ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to immediately investigate Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Marc Elias, a lawyer hired by Nelson, said he expects the margin to continue to narrow.

The fact that a Black woman was presiding over the vote counting process in the pivotal Broward County likely only compounded the apparent anger Republicans were expressing over the elections they thought they won Tuesday night.

Mr DeSantis is now leading by 36,000 votes.

Florida senate candidate and outgoing governor Rick Scott spoke to the media from in front of the governor's mansion in Tallahassee early Thursday night. Nelson has not yet conceded to Scott, who now leads by less than 0.2 percent with ballots across the state still uncounted.

In 2000, Florida decided the presidency by a few hundred votes in a contest that took more than five weeks to sort out.

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