U.S. Democrats seek hearings on Trump’s ouster of Sessions

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Fears for Russia probe as Trump fires Jeff Sessions

Protesters nationwide have called for the protection of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump's campaign.

Healey said in a tweet that a United States attorney general "must lead an empowered and independent Department of Justice".

"Trump putting himself above the law is a threat to our democracy, and we've got to get Congress to stop him", the group said on its website.

Gonzales, who was the attorney general in George W. Bush's administration from 2005 to 2007, said he doesn't know Whitaker, his qualifications or motivations, but there's a lot that calls into question his appointment.

President Donald Trump distanced himself Friday from his new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, whose past business ties and comments on the Russian Federation investigation and other topics have drawn scrutiny.

Whitaker was virtually unknown to Sessions before becoming his chief of staff.

It's a small but illustrative example of how the Mueller probe is likely to function, at least for the time being, in the wake of the abrupt ouster of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The order came one day after a three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral arguments on whether Mueller was unlawfully appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in May 2017 and wielded too much power.

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Sam Clovis, who was co-chair of Trump's 2016 campaign and has testified before the grand jury in the Mueller investigation, said he and Whitaker became good friends when they ran against each other as Republicans in a 2014 Senate primary campaign in Iowa.

"I think this will be a very interim AG", McConnell said.

That Donald Trump is now in a stronger position because a loyalist is ready to take the reins of the Mueller investigation. Another Republican senator, Susan Collins of ME, said she was concerned by some of Whitaker's past comments and called for legislation that would place limits on his ability to fire special counsel Mueller.

Mueller is investigating allegations of Russian meddling and collusion in the 2016 US presidential election.

While Whitaker is now Mueller's ultimate supervisor, it was not immediately clear whether that meant Rosenstein would step aside.

"Sometimes the voters need to do more than vote", she said. She said she called on people to contact legislators and form a public outcry about Sessions' resignation that will have to be addressed.

Miller's lawyer told reporters Thursday that if they lose at the appeals court level, they intend to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. Conway is the husband of the top White House aide Kellyanne Conway.

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