Hillary Clinton: Ex-aide says she WILL return for 2020 presidential election

Kellyanne Conway Responds to Possible Hillary 2020 Run: ‘Dear God, Please, Yes’

Clinton may launch a 2020 bid for the Oval office

Late Sunday, former Trump campaign manager and current White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to an op-ed suggesting Hillary Clinton may run for president again in 2020 with a simple four-word tweet.

And all the Republicans go: Yes! When she ran for president the first time, Americans decided they'd rather have a first-term senator and former "community organizer" in the White House.

It could really happen.

They also suggest that Hillary will "come full circle" back to some of her most cherished ideas.

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There was a widespread expectation that Mrs Clinton would win the 2016 election and two years after her defeat to Mr Trump she is preparing to embark on a six-month speaking tour with her husband Bill. True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies.

The article, simply titled 'Hillary Will Run Again,' claims the former Secretary of State will "easily capture" the Democratic nomination and run against President Trump in two short years. But she's not going to run for president again, in part because she understands that her fellow Democrats have nearly exactly zero interest in re-running the last excruciating contest.

They added the Iowa caucus-goers "who have never warmed up to her" will be defining in her bid. The second time she ran, Americans instead picked an egotistical narcissist who starred on a reality TV show and had no political experience at all.

Presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton plans to get back in the ring with President Donald Trump in 2020, according to a former advisor. As far as I'm concerned, Hillary Clinton has the right to do whatever she wants.

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