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Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

Night Sight for Pixel Phones is Going to Blow Your Mind, Coming This Week

It takes low-light photography to a whole new level, setting new goals for rivals like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Google's Night Sight feature has finally arrived on its latest flagship phone the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Google's Night Sight feature puts Pixel 3 XL's cameras to the best use possible. Google has also shared some of the tips of Pixel owners who plan to use the feature. One of the most notable ones was their Night Sight feature, which produced incredible looking photos in a near-absence of light.

Google is also advertising that the target also must be still for a couple of seconds before and after the photo has been taken since the Night Sight mode take multiple scenes and merges them to give a prefecture picture. The company shoots up to 15 photos in burst with a shutter speed of 1/3s and then merges them together to remove the grains. It can accumulate oil from fingerprints, creating blurry and soft photos.

"Before you press the shutter button, Night Sight measures your natural hand shake, as well as how much motion is in the scene". Moreover, the Night Sight mode can also be used on the front camera also! Individual leaves, distant buildings, and blades of dry grass stand out with greater contrast, and the shade of the tree is dark but free of noise, no matter how close I look.

Your Pixel handset will suggest using the Night Sight mode if it detects a low-light situation, and you'll be able to tap the on-screen prompt to jump straight into it.

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The post delves deep into the specifics of how the feature works and is an interesting read.

Cameras don't work in complete darkness, so you'll still need some light to capture a photo.

There are some features in the Night Sight that help people take better photos like "Focus options" that help users autofocus, Near, or Far when using Night Sight with either the front or rear camera.

Despite its limitation, in our testing we saw that Night Sight brought rather dramatic enhancements to still images, to the point where flash lighting might not be needed for low-light conditions (think museums, for example, where flash photography is either prohibited or makes no sense because items are covered by glass).

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