Ricardel reassigned from deputy national security post

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Who is Mira Ricardel and why did Melania Trump want her fired?

A senior White House official whom First Lady Melania Trump demanded be removed from her post has been transferred, the Trump administration said Wednesday.

Ricardel, who reportedly clashed with Mrs. Trump on a recent visit to Africa, was then reassigned within the administration.

Mrs Ricardel was hired away from the Department of Commerce by National Security Advisor John Bolton, and has decades of experience working in the United States government. A seat was pulled from the National Security Council to accommodate a journalist, which angered the official.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on Wednesday threw her papers up over her head while attempting to report on the latest from First Lady Melania Bush.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Ms Ricardel will have a new role in the administration.

Mr. Trump declined to say whether he plans to fire Ms. Nielsen or force out other top staffers, as he adjusts to a new House Democratic majority in the new year.

Melania Trump deepened the sense of chaos surrounding her husband's post-midterm reshuffle by engineering the dismissal of the deputy national security adviser.

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He said it's a "rule" among White House officials that you never "quarrel" with the first lady.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Ricardel had gotten into a fight with the first lady's staff over resources needed for Melania's Africa trip last month.

The statement made no mention of Melania but said, 'The President is grateful for Ms. Ricardel's continued service to the American people and her steadfast pursuit of his national security priorities'. "Be Best is now Be Gone", the ABC star joked, and noted "It's very unusual for a first lady to do something like this".

Kelly was Nielsen's mentor made her his chief of staff when he ran DHS, before moving to the West Wing - where he brought her along before securing her appointment to his old job.

Ricardel has also built a reputation in the White House for berating staff, several sources said.

Mr Trump was seen talking to Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, Nick Ayers, at an election night gathering last week, according to two people familiar with the matter - an encounter that's fed rumours among Trump associates that Mr Ayers may replace Mr Kelly.

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