New Porsche 911 revealed at LA Auto Show

The 2019 Honda Passport toughens up SUV portfolio at LA Auto Show

The 2019 Honda Passport toughens up SUV portfolio at LA Auto Show

Porsche has unveiled the latest incarnation of its most famous model - the all-new Porsche 911.

The first models of the classic sports auto to arrive will be the Carrera S and its AWD version, the Carrera 4S, and they'll be a little more expensive, too: The S will list for $129,100 (up from $120,000), the 4S for $137,400 (up from $127,900).

And while we're already familiar with the new evolutionary looks of the 2020 911 thanks to countless scoops and leaks, Porsche has plenty of details for us to delve in. That's an increase of 23 hp compared with the outgoing model. The power is delivered by a newly developed eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Cars with the optional Sport Chrono package are even quicker, with 0-to-60 times dropping to 3.3 seconds in the Carrera S and 3.2 seconds in the Carrera 4S. However, top speeds for both cars haven't changed much, with the Carrera S capable of hitting 307kph and the 4S reaching the 305kph.

The exterior of the new 911 gets a slightly more muscular look, by way of the more pronounced wheel arches, the recess in the bonnet is reminiscent of the earliest 911s and a wide rear track that will remain unchanged across models.

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Up front, a new bumper features a more prominent splitter element along its leading edge as well as a trio of larger cooling ducts.

The body is significantly wider than before - 45 mm wider at the front, in fact - to house wheels that measure up to 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear. Electric door handles now sit flush and pop out to greet you. The front is now 1.77-inches wider, while the back has increased to the same 72.91-inches of the old Carrera 4 and GTS versions.

The new 911, internally codenamed 992, has been re-engineered extensively and now features a new platform structure with a greater amount of aluminium in its rear section, improving weight distribution.

Introduced by two-time world rally champion Walter Röhrl and Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger in the footage below, the new product of the Porsche Motorsport division takes the performance potential of the 911 to new heights. Left and right of the centrally positioned tachometer, which is characteristic for Porsche, two thin, frameless, free-form displays provide the driver with information. Located underneath the screen, a compact switch panel with five buttons provides direct access to key vehicle functions. Other tech supplements the driving experience, including a standard "Wet Mode" which uses sensors in the wheel wells to detect water on the road and then alert the driver and adjust the stability control and ABS parameters. The navigation system is now an online swarm data-based system. Further to that, buyers can opt for a Night Vision Assist system linked to a thermal imaging camera. The Adaptive Cruise Control option includes automatic distance control, stop-and-go functionality, and an innovative Emergency Assist function. Regardless, your 911 will still be available with a stick - a feature Porsche says is driven by the US market.

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