Here's How Long It Takes to Retrieve a Swallowed Lego

S**t A Brick! -- Doctors Eat And Poop Lego In The Name Of Science

We Now Officially Know How Long It Takes To Poo Out Lego

A team of six doctors made a decision to see how long it takes for a Lego head to be excreted from the body by actually swallowing them. "This will reassure parents, and the authors advocate that no parent should be expected to search through their child's feces to prove object retrieval", the authors wrote in the study.

Dr Tagg said he was reasonably happy with the results, but "some (items) can be risky and parents should still be vigilant".

Have you ever thought to yourself, "How long will it take to exit?"

Then they waited, "meticulously checking their poop after every go-around to the porcelain throne", wrote Gizmodo Australia.

Therefore, a team of six paediatricians set up an experiment to see how long it would take for a Lego head to pass through their own digestive tracts.

The SHAT results showed that the consistency of the researchers' stools were not affected by the object they swallowed.

S**t A Brick! -- Doctors Eat And Poop Lego In The Name Of Science

Prior to swallowing the heads, researchers were required to keep track of the quality of their poop, measured as Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT).

Once recovered from a participant's stool, a Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score was recorded. Figure 1.71 days. That was the average time for six courageous volunteers who swallowed a Lego head, then dutifully kept an eye on their bowel movements, reports Forbes. The paper accounts for this by noting that "females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males".

Lego heads are small but lego is still listed as one of the major choking hazards at home for kids by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

"For most people it was passed after one to three stools".

Ahead of the analysis, the participants were assessed for previous gastrointestinal surgery and an inability to ingest foreign objects that would rule them out of gulping down a Lego man's head.

The pediatric journal this study appeared in has a tradition of publishing quirky research at Christmastime.

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