Expect easier, safer access to messages, music

Android Auto update improves media browsing, adds MMS and RCS group chat support

Android Auto adds media and messaging features

Back in May of this year, we had the opportunity to preview a new version of Android Auto that's built right into the vehicle. And when those messages come in, Android Auto can now also give you a text preview of a message when it arrives rather than just an audio readout.at least, while you vehicle is stopped.

Meanwhile, the app bar in "My apps & games" is now stark white - matching Google's broader design language - with the previous green accent only present to note what tab you're currently viewing. Play Music is the one I subscribe to and so it's what I used for testing, and while the new media updates do make it quicker to pick from Recents, you sadly still can't browse artists or albums.

Like listening to music while you drive?

It's nice to see Google focused on bringing a stellar Auto experience for users, and these updates should make the whole experience better and safer for users. If you happen to be using Android Auto, keep an eye out for it.

Android Auto update improves media browsing, adds MMS and RCS group chat support

Google Maps, Google Play and more coming to connected cars.

After first clues last spring, Google has finally started the global deployment of the new Play Store interface on Android.

Android Auto is getting new features, while Google partner Volvo unveils its new Android infotainment system.

Previously Android Auto could only display plain SMS messages, but Google has now added group messaging, along with MMS and RCS messaging support. Sometimes you can get far more information from the text preview of a message in a shorter amount of time than having a message read aloud. Google says that this update is rolling out today and should be fully available to everyone over the next several days, so keep an eye out for it.

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