Instagram now lets you choose who can - and can’t - see your Stories

Instagram Unveils 'Close Friends' Feature: How to Use It

Instagram now lets you choose Close Friends to share 'more personal' Stories with

And now Instagram has just added a whole new way of making you feel anxious with a "close friends" feature which lets you big up your best mates - and cruelly reject everyone else. After setting it up, when you share a Story, you'll have the option to send it to all your followers, or just your smaller Close Friends list. The feature, which will be in the latest version of the app, allows you to specify whether you want all your followers to be able to view your Story or only the select few whom you've designated as "close friends". Nobody can request to be added to your list, which also only you can see. As the name suggests, the idea is to have your real-life friends in a separate inner-circle type group that will get to see shares that aren't suitable for everyone's eyes. They'll also see a green badge when viewing that person's Stories. So if you're in a blog post, webpage, email or some other platform, we can link directly to that story.

Facebook already lets people narrow audiences for individual posts, but the Facebook-owned Instagram hasn't. And when you take a step back, it highlights just how silly the whole social media craze is and the lengths that people will go to for attention. Do you plan to repurpose your Instagram novels for other platforms? It was inspired by user-based "Finstagrams", or fake Instagram accounts. We built a way for you to hold down the pages so that you're actually able to read all of the pages, we have a tutorial on how to do that.

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