Google Assistant gets a big update in time for Christmas

Google Home Assistant Will Notice if You Say 'Please' and 'Thank You'

Klipsch enters smart speaker race with ‘The Three | Google Assistant’

One of the new Google Assistant features is also the Pretty Please feature, which makes sure you remain well-mannered and polite.

If you have a smart display like the Google Home Hub, the call is also accompanied by fun graphics, which is fantastic for getting small children (and adults) into the Christmas spirit. Google's weather service must be down, because no matter which location you ask about for weather info, you get a zero-degree forecast. Saying things like "Hey Google, please play some holiday music" will return a response somewhere along the lines of "Thanks for asking so nicely". "Alright, 5 minutes. Starting now".

The Pretty Please feature will get activated for everyone whose voice is registered automatically. - "Create a gift list" - "Add opera tickets for mom to my gift list" - "What's on my to-do list?" Plus, Assistant didn't' seem to care if I was polite or not. The feature is built-in directly in the Google Assistant, but Google has plans to roll out support for Google Keep,, Bring!

There's also plenty of new Assistant-type features onboard this update.

This Christmas season, Google will be gifting a couple of new functionalities to its Assistant. Initially, the experience is available for select songs.

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Have a Smart Display? The feature was first announced at Google's I/O developers conference in May and it's rolling out in time for the holidays. Next week, it will expand "Broadcast Replies" so that you can send messages back and forth to Smart Display devices like Home Hub.

Lyrics: Song lyrics will appear on the screen when using Google Play Music.

Touch Alarms in Quick Settings: We added a quick way to set an alarm on your Smart Display - just swipe up from the home screen and tap the new timer button.

Another handy update adds a two-way talkback feature for Nest Hello doorbells, so you can greet people before letting them in.

GoogleAssistant wants to help you with your manners. If you don't feel like reading, Google can also do the work for you. If you just want a regular story, Google has expanded the list of titles to over 50, including Beauty and the Beast, Dora's Super Sleepover and PAW Patrol's Holiday Helpers. Whether that is from your smartphone, over your Google Home speaker or using another device, it all adds up, and it is making Google Assistant pretty popular.

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