Quora data breach may have affected 100 million users

Quora’s home page. An account is required to use the service

Quora’s home page. An account is required to use the service

Popular question and answer forum Quora is the latest to own up to a mass hack that saw account information for around 100 million users being compromised.

It also said that the password data was salted and hashed to prevent attackers from using it, but to be cautious, users should also reset passwords on their other accounts if they shared the same one.

It also includes content like posted questions, answers, comments and upvotes - which is public anyway - as well as answer requests, downvotes and direct messages.

Anonymous questions and answers were not affected by the breach because Quora doesn't store the information of anonymous contributors.

Quora has said that it's highly unlikely that stolen data will be used for identity theft as it doesn't collect information like Social Security numbers or credit card details.

"We believe we've identified the root cause and taken steps to address the issue, although our investigation is ongoing and we'll continue to make security improvements", D'Angelo wrote.

The company will now notify users whose data has been compromised, and will invalidate passwords for users who use one to sign in.

Quora is alerting users by email and a banner on its help pages
Quora is alerting users by email and a banner on its help pages

Quora, the platform that help users to connect about various topics, reported a security breach.

"Once the 14-day grace period has expired and your account has been deleted, your content and profile will be permanently deleted, and personal data associated with your account will be removed from Quora's databases", says the company on its website.

You've probably already received an email from Quora if your data was compromised.

The account data involved included user IDs, email addresses, and (it's good to report, for once - El Reg) fully encrypted passwords.

He added that they have also notified law enforcement officials.

Quora suggests that users change passwords of accounts that they use on other sites if the same password was used there as well.

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