WDOK (Star 102)/Cleveland Drops Christmas Song Due To Complaints

Cleveland radio station ices out 'Baby It's Cold Outside' from rotation citing #MeToo

Christmas FM confirm they won't be playing 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' due to its controversial lyrics

Radio host GLENN ANDERSON wrote that about the station's decision to pull the song.

Comedian and writer Jen Kirkman explained how the song may not be about a man persuading a woman to stay and have sex with him, but rather how a woman's reputation will suffer if she wants to stay, and does.

He announced on the pop music station's website this week that the song would no longer be in its around-the-clock rotation of holiday music.

In case you need a reminder, "Baby Its Cold Outside" centers around a conversation between a couple during which the man tries to convince the woman not to venture out into the bad weather. He would like her to stay and she wants to go home.

Only six percent of respondents to the station's own poll said they thought the song was inappropriate with the vast majority threatening to stop tuning in until it is played again.

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"I do not believe it's about rape - it's a playful banter from a time when a woman would have been concerned people would think badly of her for staying, even if she wanted to".

Special criticism has been reserved for the line "say, what's in this drink", which has been accused of carrying the implication that the woman's drink has been spiked. "I'm glad my husband and I will be enjoying it on our holiday playlist".

That comes as the duet, written back in 1944, faces renewed scrutiny over what some say are inappropriate lyrics in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Erasing history won't change the future, education will. When asked about the song by The Journal, Christmas FM co-founder Garvan Rigby told them that the song's lyrics "are of a different era".

"We become instant parlor room stars", Loesser said following their first performance of the song at a housewarming party in New York City.

But others have slammed the station's decision, claiming the song's lyrics, which were also made famous in the 1949 film "Neptune's Daughter", aren't as sinister as they were being made out.

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