Kevin Hart faces scrutiny after old homophobic tweets surface

Kevin Hart Deletes Old Anti Gay Tweets After Being Chosen as Oscars Host

Twitter found Oscars host Kevin Hart's homophobic jokes

Just two days after been named host of the Academy Awards, Kevin Hart has stepped down following an outcry over past homophobic tweets by the comedian.

Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the 2019 Oscars earlier this week, but he might get pulled from the show.

"I have made the choice to step down from hosting this year's Oscar's (sic)", Hart wrote on Twitter. "I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past", wrote Hart. I don't know what to tell you, ' said Hart, who added, in all-caps: 'I love everybody'.

Just a day later, a journalist by the name of Benjamin Lee said on the 5th of December that he wondered how long it would take Kevin before he started deleting all of his old messages.

His apology, however, has come too little too late after he revealed earlier in an Instagram video that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences had given him an ultimatum: apologize for the comments or they would seek a new host.

In his video, the comedian says that he will "pass on the apology".

"This is not the first time this has come up, I've addressed it, I've spoken on it". I've said where the rights and wrongs were. "My team calls me, 'Oh my God, Kevin, the world is upset about tweets you did years ago".

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Hart soon responded to the controversy in a video posted to Instagram but didn't apologise for the tweets.

Many are calling for him to be removed as the host of the 2019 Oscars. If u want to search my history or past and anger yourselves with what u find that is fine with me.

Hart reportedly deleted a number of homophobic messages - some of which were almost a decade old - after getting picked to host the 2019 awards show on Tuesday.

"I've moved on", he said.

What do you think of the Kevin Hart tweets and how he's responded to them? Instead, he reminds us that he was a very different person in 2009 - 2010, and that being concerned about his homophobic remarks makes you a troll.

While he states that he "love [s] everybody", he feels he should not be accountable for his past actions as people "change, grow, [and] evolve as they get older". While Hart's words are hurtful and damaging, it's safe to say that comedians cross this line quite often. I'm not gonna do it, man.

It's unclear what will happen with Hart's hosting gig.

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