Trump resort hired undocumented workers

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'We are tired of the abuse': Undocumented immigrant reveals that she and others have worked for Trump for years

But the admission is buried in the 50th paragraph of the article, which highlights the comments from a Guatemalan illegal who told the newspaper that she expected to be fired after revealing her illegal status to the media. Morales said she entered by illegally swimming across the southwestern USA border.

Still, she said she got by with falsified documents and a knack for cleaning according to Trump's highly specific standards.

But federal law threatens companies and CEOs who quiz employees about their legal status - no matter how poor their English. And though we shouldn't assign worth to undocumented immigrants because of their labor - their contributions to the USA are greater than the many ways that they enrich others - it's repulsive that Trump could privately acknowledge their work ethic but then also turn around and paint them as a drain on resources. There is no reason that a customer or Trump would be able to differentiate between a legal H-2B worker and an illegal worker. Interviewed by the Times, Morales said she was routinely subjected to derogatory comments from a supervisor, and came forward out of anger over Trump's comments likening Central American immigrants to criminals.

The self-declared illegal immigrant told the New York Times she was from Guatemala and had sneaked across the US-Mexico border in 1999.

Around the same time, she said, several workers, who she said were also working illegally, had their work days shaved from five days to three days.

"While Trump boasts about jobs and his hardline immigration policies, these fearless women have put their own jobs and lives on the line to pursue justice for themselves and other exploited workers", said Sandra Cordero, director of Families Belong Together. She said she did not expect to return to work. "They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people".

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Ms. Morales did fill out some immigration-related employment documents for the Trump golf club, but those were likely I-9 forms, which illegal immigrants regularly fill out using fake identities and Social Security numbers - and are rarely caught. Trump's business empire had a stake in running, until previous year.

For example, Trump's deputies have successfully blocked bipartisan effortsto greatly expand the H-2B program for seasonal visa workers, including hotel workers such as Ms. Morales.

Another club staffer drove her to work, the paper reported, because she could not legally obtain a driver's license.

Morales and Diaz approached The New York Times through their New Jersey lawyer, Anibal Romero, who is representing them on immigration matters. She also shared with the Times that the president was particular about having his items, as well as Melania's and Barron's, washed with a "special detergent" in a washing machine separate from the rest of the club's residents.

Hiring illegal immigrants is illegal, and can result in fines for each employee. "We're just immigrants who don't have papers".

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