Fallout 76 server Maintenance schedule confirmed as Bethesda take servers down

Glitch in Bethesda Support System Accidentally Gives Users Access to Other Customer Info

Glitch in Bethesda Support System Accidentally Gives Users Access to Other Customer Info

Some of the people submitting tickets to get their replacement Fallout 76 canvas bag have encountered a surprise: they've been given access to parts of Bethesda's support system, including the ability to open and close tickets, as well as check out customer's personal information. Customers could see private information of numerous others who had filed a support ticket, which included their name, address, and ticket number. The bug was reported by myriad players yesterday afternoon, with users on Reddit, Twitter, and the official forums describing pretty much the same experience.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, the main support tickets shown in the post are from fans requesting a new bag by including their power armor set receipts.

From the very moment the first gameplay details were given, Bethesda's Fallout 76 was a controversial game.

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"I am receiving every single one of your support tickets on my Bethesda account". Those uploaded documents were apparently viewable by other customers as well, and those receipts most likely contained at least partial credit card information. I can see the problems you are having with the game, yes I'm having them too. Instead, the issue comes from the game's equally troubled $200 Power Armor edition: buyers of the Power Armor edition who went to Bethesda's site to resolve the issue were seeing their personally identifying data (PID) leaked to everybody else who was trying to resolve the issue.

Bethesda reassured that "no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed" and that it plans to notify customers affected by the breath. Bethesda takes the privacy of our customers seriously, and we sincerely apologise for this situation'.

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