Lebanon says Israel offered no proof of border tunnels

Israel launches military operation to destroy 'cross-border terror tunnels'

Lebanon says Israel offered no proof of borde...

Israel's prime minister on Thursday asked the worldwide community to impose additional sanctions on Hezbollah and condemn the Lebanese militant group in response to the discovery of tunnels stretching from southern Lebanon into northern Israel.

Following Israel's launch of a major defensive campaign in the north to beat back the threat posed by the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon, the Russian embassy in Israel communicated qualified support for Israel's right to self-defense.

According to senior officials in the Northern Command, Hezbollah's plan for the next war with Israel involved infiltrating Israeli territory through the tunnels, ambush the IDF forces that would be sent to the area, paralyze Route 90 leading to the city of Metula and isolate the area so the main Hezbollah force could invade unopposed from Lebanon.

Netanyahu said Israel plans to demand a response from the worldwide community at a meeting of the UN Security Council called for by Tel Aviv.

On the recent Israel's movement, Ali Rammal, mayor of Adaisseh village in southern Lebanon said: "The situation of the settlements and border areas is quite natural despite the operation of the Israeli army on the other side of the border".

Earlier this week, Israel allegedly hacked into the Lebanese national communications network and warned residents of Kfar Kila village of bombings on Lebanese territories to destroy the tunnels stressing that their lives are in danger. Senior political and military sources say Hezbollah had been left surprised and embarrassed by the Israeli discovery of the tunnels.

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"We are talking about engineering activity within the sovereign territory of the state of Israel", she added, accusing Netanyahu of "blowing the incident out of proportion".

Also on Thursday, the Jerusalem Post quoted another official saying that Russian Federation has deployed forces on the Syrian-Lebanese border with the aim of preventing the transfer of weapons and precision-guided technology to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah receives the majority of its funding from Iran, supplementing Iranian aid with a vast global criminal network that traffics in illegal narcotics and money laundering. The IDF said that it was certain that the tunnel crossed into Israel, but could not locate the entrance due to the terrain and the weather.

The Israeli operation is expected to last for weeks, or even months. "Hezbollah knows that and Hamas knows it too".

Asked about European allies, particularly Germany and France, who are plotting methods to skirt the USA sanctions, Hook said the United States is uniquely placed to enforce the new sanctions. They told the IDF about it. "That enemy is called Iran", he said.

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