ECG Functionality Comes to Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG functionality is going live today with watchOS

watchOS 5.1.2 is Available Today, Brings ECG and Irregular Heartbeat Detection

Perhaps the biggest feature which Apple announced with the Apple Watch Series 4 was the inclusion of the ECG sensor.

These new features are part of the watchOS 5.1.2 software update for the Apple Watch and the update will be released some time today.

Many Apple Watch Series 4 users have shared demonstrations of how the ECG app works. You need iOS 12.1.1 and watchOS 5.1.2 to use the ECG feature.

"An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat and it's used by physicians to help diagnose certain heart diseases and other conditions".

"I think you'll be able to look back at some point in the future, and Apple's greatest contribution will have been to people's health". 'Ok so there is a new watch feature....hahaha....

Apple Watches running watchOS 5.1.2 can also detect irregular heart rhythms in the background and send out a notification if an irregular rhythm is detected.

Can indicate whether your heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation-a serious form of irregular heart rhythm-or sinus rhythm, which means your heart is beating in a normal pattern.

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CNET was given early access to the new ECG app and tested it in a doctor's office, and the experience for Vanessa Hand Orellana is something you'll just have to read. The Digital Crown has the conductor through which it detects the heart rhythm.

Tap on the Apple Watch ECG app.

For Apple Watch Series 4 users this is an extremely important update since it unlocks the full potential of the ECG sensor which is limited to the United States for now.

Also, the watchOS 5.1.2 also brings "Irregular Rhythm Notification" app, which will detect most cases of arrhythmia. The Apple Watch Series 4 normally has a standard 14-day return period.

Redditor u/edentel posted his experience today after receiving an alert on his Apple watch indicating he may have atrial fibrillation - afib for short - and chose to go to the doctor. The electrode on the Digital Crown communicates with the other electrode on the Watch, which sits near the heart rate monitor, to take a complete ECG measurement. Both of those software updates are of course now available to the public, and can be downloaded and installed over the air (OTA) by opening the Watch app on your iPhone and navigating to General Software Update. Otherwise, switch over to your Apple Watch to continue.

"Apple's largest contribution to mankind will be in improving people's health and well-being", Tim Cook told TIME in a recent interview.

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