Google Marks Geminid Meteor Shower With Doodle

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Geminid Meteor Shower 2018 How to watch live where will it be visible timings and more details to know

The 2018 Geminid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight (Dec. 13) and Google is celebrating the celestial light show with a Google Doodle that is simply out of this world.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Geminid meteor shower is likely to be visible Rajasthan's Alwar, around Himalayas belt.

Meteorological departments recommend that the best view shall be seen once the radiant gets higher in the night sky.

Find yourself a dark corner of the Bay Area and look south tonight, for the Geminids are upon us. A meteor flash is seen here with an aurora borealis shimmer in Norway.

"It's very accessible, you don't need anything special, you just need the night sky", Dr Tucker said. Most meteor showers are a result of our planet passing through the comet debris which burn upon contact with Earth's atmosphere.

Showers of up to 120 shooting stars an hour could be visible in the skies over Britain this week as an annual meteor shower peaks.

To check out the show, Bill Cooke from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office advises urges waiting until the moon goes down at around 10:30 p.m. local time before heading outside without your cell phone, because its screen can mess up your night vision. "You'll also be looking at the constellation of Gemini while you're looking that direction", Jones said, noting that's how the Geminid meteor shower got its name.

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As per NASA meteor expert, Bill Cooke, there can be as many as 100 meteors per hour shooting across the sky.

For those who can't make it outside to view the meteors as they fall Thursday night and Friday morning there are some people who are planning to live stream the event.

The meteor shower occurs each year around this time as Earth passes through debris created by a rock comet known as 3200 Phaethon.

You won't need telescopes or binoculars to see the meteors, but the show will look most dramatic if you're in a dark area.

The moon, which can hinder observation of objects in the universe, will be a waxing crescent moon - the first visible phase that is just a thin sliver.

What is the Geminids meteor shower?

It may be the best meteor shower of 2018, but the Geminids is not the last. Stargazers are encouraged to head over to the darkest spots outside and look up for a show of lights streaming across the sky.

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