Google In Limited Release Of Spam Protection Feature 12/28/2018

Google started rolling out Spam Protection feature to Android Messages app

Messages’ Spam Protection feature is rolling out for some users

Google then examines the received information to determine if it bears any relationship with spam messages in order to detect them. Under "Spam Protection", there's a toggle to enable or disable the functionality.

Thanks to Google, Messages users will now be able to search for those pictures sent months ago with so much ease through the help of a search feature that was launched back in September. The spam filter was first spotted by Android Police and is located in the Android Messages Settings menu.

Nobody likes spam texts, of course, so the new feature on Google's default messaging app is a godsend for many. The American Corporation immediately after updating the app warns that a new opportunity can sometimes not work correctly, because its use can lead to false positives, which are real SMS, not spam, will cease to be correctly displayed. However, this doesn't include your phone number or the actual content of the reported text messages. If you don't want to do that, you can simply block a phone number without reporting it as spam. You can still report spam manually. The report also underlines that this feature is being rolled out in a phased manner and will be available for the users in few days. Google is likely one of the top guardians against spam out there, but even Gmail is prone to filtering out legitimate messages (which is why you should make it a habit to check your spam folder periodically). Well it does require Google to collect data from you.

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This is a feature we learned about earlier in the year, and it is now starting to roll out to handsets.

Messages (previously Android Messages) by Google has been rumored to get the spam protection feature for a long time.

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