U.S. authorities fire tear gas across border to repel Central Americans

Tear gas border

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He warned that this will not be the last confrontation at the southern border, where thousands of Central American migrants have gathered to seek amnesty in the U.S.

"Using tear gas against men, women, and children seeking protection is cruel and inhumane", Mazzola declared. When migrants approached the wall again, authorities fired a second round and then a third. Migrants coughed and bent over as they walked through the haze. One mother was hysterical after briefly losing her children in the thick smoke and darkness.

The United States has also pushed Mexico to house Central American migrants while they seek US asylum. Nope: "On balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office".

Tuesday's confrontation showed that "people tried to charge the border and couldn't", Trump said at a Cabinet meeting at the White House.

Waldman, however, used the incident on January 1, to prop up US President Donald Trump's idea of a $5bn border fence on the border with Mexico.

Trump refused to back down on his border wall project, despite it being the cause a partial government shutdown that has continued into its 11th day.

More than a dozen migrants were apprehended after 150 migrants tried to climb the border fence in San Diego, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The US said security forces used tear gas after migrants threw rocks, and that they were deliberately aiming upwind of rock-throwers who they say hindered agents from helping migrants who were passing children over razor wire.

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Several teenagers, wrapped in heavy jackets, blankets and rubber mats, were also put over the concertina wire.

The US Customs and Border Protection agency said that some of the illegal migrants appeared to be toddlers.

Numerous migrants are waiting in Tijuana for a chance to apply for asylum in the United States, but there was a backlog before the caravan's arrival and the wait is expected to be many months. The rest asked to be transported back home or dispersed to other parts of Mexico.

According to the Washington Times, the migrants attempted to enter the country by climbing the fence or burrowing under the border fence until they were spotted by border patrol. Twenty-five people were arrested after crossing into the USA, including two teenagers.

US officials are processing fewer than 100 claims a day at the San Diego crossing, the nation's busiest.

And they say that they were using what they call the minimum force necessary to defend themselves, defend the border and restore order. Since then officers have been trained to use less lethal methods such as batons, pepper spray and tear gas.

He said Mexico "advocates respect for migrants' human rights, security and integrity, while calling for respect for laws on both sides of the border".

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