Windows 10 Finally Becomes Most Popular Desktop OS

Report: Windows 10 Takes Over Windows 7

Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7

If you want, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 v1809, but you need to make sure that you can sign in with an account with administrative privileges - other than the built-in administrator.

Windows 7 dropped 1.99 percentage points, falling from 38.89 percent to 36.90 percent. Meanwhile, Windows 8.1 is now at a 4.41 percent and Windows XP still holds on to 4.45 percent of the market share.

Windows 10's growth to majority is a big milestone for Microsoft as it continues to grapple with a fragmentation in its OS ecosystem and enterprises still clinging on to older Windows software.

On December 20, Microsoft shipped an Internet Explorer security fix to the latest Windows 10 Fast ring Insider build, bringing it up to build number 18305.1003.

In December Windows 10 finally overtook Windows 7 as the go-to Microsoft OS, where the two had previously been level-pegging over October and November.

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Be that as it may, 1809 is one of the slowest-growing Windows 10 versions ever.

But by the middle of a year ago Windows 10 had reached over 700 million devices, which is still not bad. That's not an easy job, for sure, but considering Windows 10 is now the most popular version of Windows, the complete shift will happen eventually.

Microsoft had a great 2018, ending off the year as the world's most valuable company. But by 2016 it admitted it would take longer than expected to reach the target given that Windows 10 Mobile wasn't going to be adding to those figures with Windows Phones dying a death.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft handles the end of extended support for Windows 7, with such a huge swath of the market still using the aging OS.

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