Fuchsia OS may support Android apps like Google’s Chrome OS


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That transition would be really hard for Google, though, and considering that the company is aiming to let Fuchsia run Android applications via ART, well, it is possible that it will launch as a separate entity, and stay in that form, though that would basically mean that Google has three operating system in the market, Android, Chrome OS, and Fuchsia, all of which are capable of running on a wide range of devices. That remains to be seen for the time being, though as we get into 2019, we will likely get to know a lot more about Google's future plans for Fuchsia.

Apple has a monopoly on its devices which allows the company to roll out updates quickly, whereas Google has to configure its Android Pie for various devices considering there are a myriad of smartphones running on Android.

As reported by 9to5Google, citing a change to the Android Gerrit, Fuchsia will use a specially designed version of the Android Runtime (as indicated by "ART" in the image below) to run Android apps. Epic Games, the maker of the hit video game "Fortnite", a year ago bypassed Google Play altogether by letting players download the Android version of the app directly.

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Like Windows and OS X, Fuchsia sits on top of a in-house developed microkernel called Zircon as opposed to the current Linux-based Android and Chrome OS. Apple now segments its iOS operating system distribution data into two charts, with one being focused on older iOS devices and the other consisting of iPhones and iPads released in the last four years. While some reports indicate that it could replace Android, some reports suggest that it will be entirely different.

Google's Fuchsia OS has been long rumoured and not a secret anymore. Also mentioned is that Google's Fuchsia OS won't be running the Android apps using the current ART build as it is. It will be many months before we see Fuchsia in the wild.

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