May warns of 'uncharted territory' if MPs reject Brexit deal

Most Conservatives prefer ‘no deal’ to May’s plan

Survey: Majority of UK conservatives reject May's Brexit deal with Brussels

May later went back to Brussels to attempt to draw out more concessions from European negotiators, who said they will not make changes to the negotiated agreement, but said they will seek a speedy sign-off on a future free-trade deal.

Officially slated for the week of January 14, the Commons vote is widely expected to be held on January 15.

He said: 'If Parliament rejects the Prime Minister's bad deal the only sensible course of action is to withdraw Article 50 immediately.

Dr Tim Bradshaw says he is concerned about the uncertainty a no-deal Brexit could bring to Britain.

The poll has also indicated that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party would lose another eight points from 34 percent to 26 percent - "if its MPs join with the Tories to support the prime minister's Brexit deal".

The prime minister defended herself against critics of her deal by asking them to provide an alternative to the plan she had negotiated. Mrs May said it would be "that sort of time".

MPs are due to vote on Mrs May's deal on January 24.

"The only way to both honour the result of the referendum and protect jobs and security is by backing the deal that is on the table", she wrote.

Instead, he called for Brexit to be delayed until a way forward can be found.

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However, it remained unclear whether the vote on the deal would be "meaningful", by allowing MPs to reject Mrs May's deal, or if it would be merely rubber-stamping a deal - potentially after Brexit had happened.

"Novation means that you go to the country, let's say Japan, and you say to them we accept exactly what the arrangements are now and if you accept those same ones then we will then make that a UK Japan trade deal and the European Union doesn't have any say in that".

Brexiteer Sir John told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he could not support the deal, and added: "Many of us in the country just want to move on and talk about something else, we want to be out and we know it will work just fine".

Mrs May is said to be considering offering MPs further safeguards about the Irish backstop - the measure aimed at preventing a hard border on the island of Ireland which critics fear could leave the United Kingdom indefinitely bound into a customs union with the EU and prevent future trade deals with countries around the world.

Mrs May also refused to put a timescale on her departure.

His comments come after Conservative MP Ken Clarke called for the government to revoke Article 50 to give the United Kingdom more time to negotiate Brexit.

"The only way you're going to get on and deliver Brexit is what's called a "no deal" Brexit".

"There was no question, that I remember, on the referendum about a "deal" or not; it was "leave" or 'remain.' And the way you leave is to come out on the 29th of March".

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