Amazon has now sold more than 100m Alexa-capable devices

Amazon confirms Alexa device sales numbers, and it’s a lot

Magic mark: Amazon reveals for the first time, how many Alexa-devices are in circulation

That's not it. After making the surprise announcement of partnering with Apple to offer iTunes movies and television shows on via a smart TV app, the company has also announced support for Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa for voice inputs.

Smart speakers have always been compatible with smart TVs from various brands, so it's good to see Samsung finally open its platform to Google and Amazon.

Samsung is not including either third-party solution in its TVs, but instead will ensure they understand commands that are given by third-party devices that feature either of the third-party AI solutions.

"I think a lot of people still look at how many skills Alexa has versus Google Assistant and I think that's a bit of a shortsighted way of looking at it".

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According to Samsung, the new Samsung TV's will understand and execute commands they received from Alex or Google assistant, but the only built-in voice helper will continue to be Bixby. Anything more advanced, or using the included remote control's mic will revert to Bixby. This move allows Samsung to continue with that approach by providing some compatibility to those who want it.

"This is really showing that the Assistant is available across the devices that really matter to you", says Nick Fox, Google's head of product and design for Search and Assistant. This year, Samsung has created a 219-inch The Wall display. At present, however, it remains unclear whether support will be afforded to those who have already purchased a recent Samsung TV.

The older Samsung TVs are also expected to get Alexa or Google Assistant support soon once the newer TVs are launched.

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