Apple tipped to release three-camera 'iPhone XI' in 2019

Meet The Apple's New iPhone 11

Meet The Apple's New iPhone 11

2018 wasn't exactly Apple's most successful year, as December saw a dip of 12 per cent in the company's shares. There's very little information to corroborate the design, but another big name in smartphone leaks has weighed-in to say it is accurate.

The rumour reveals that Apple will go out of its way to make the upcoming iPhones much special and better than ever before. The arrangement of the cameras and the LED flash is a bit odd thanks to the microphone which has also been squeezed into the setup.

The latest iPhone is something that has been shrouded in mystery, but these new renders suggest that Apple is finally willing to change the look of its flagship and follow the camera crowd, with three lenses on the back and a flash. Often that might mean that some details are inaccurate, like colours, textures or perhaps placement of sensors or cameras. The three rear cameras are positioned in a squircle manner in the top left corner of the back cover.

Coming back to the leaked render of the iPhone XI, the image shows the same black glass back with Apple's shiny logo at the center and the word "iPhone" written at the bottom.

This may be the new 2019 iPhone Xi

Before you start panicking looking at this unlike-Apple design, OnLeaks claims the 2019 iPhones are still in Engineering Validation Test (EVT) and a lot could change between now and September.

The picture shows the iPhone XI in black colour.

It is thought that the odd alignment might have something to do with apple adopting a 3D camera sensor for its next phone. Apple has already added depth effects with the dual camera on the iPhone X - so maybe we'll get some new kind of 3D effect through that bonus lens.

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