Chance The Rapper Explains Controversial Quote About R. Kelly And Black Women

R. Kelly

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The rapper had previously brought Kelly on stage as a special guest during his 2014 set at Lollapalooza and would make a cameo in the singer's "Backyard Party" music video in 2015.

Twitter users called Chance out for the comment.

Others also admitted to looking away for too long. She argued that he "spoke clearly and unequivocally in support of [black women] and the victims".

Aaliyah's acquaintance with Kelly dates back to 1992 after she was introduced to him by her uncle Barry Hankerson, who was his manager at the time.

Chance the Rapper has regrets over working with R. Kelly.

Claims include his alleged sexual preference for underage women, allegations he kept a woman as a sex slave, and rumours that he had created his own "sex cult" in which he would keep control of the women and their day-to-day lives.

The sources also claim that producers refused to interview people who wanted to defend R. Kelly. So the signs were there in the songs that abuse allegations against Kelly carried weight, but his friends and family - along with the media, the music industry and his loyal fans - fumbled the ball over and over again.

R&B legend Ne-Yo has posted his support for the series, saying that music can not matter more than the lives of young black women.

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The documentary is massively upsetting to watch, with woman after woman telling stories with paralleling patterns of his behaviour. Robert Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly was one of the women that allegedly suffered significant trauma at the hands of the 12 Play creator.

In 2017, he was accused of having a sexual relationship with a teen.

Pinkett Smith concuded: "I really don't want to believe that it's because black girls don't matter enough. It's a awful burden to have to endure". I didn't have anyone to talk to. "I just wanna understand what I'm missing". I went into a depression. "Making my first album at 12 and then 14/15".

"He would really manipulate my mind".

The hard-hitting series investigates claims of assault, violence, and underaged sex, which have been lodged against the R&B star over many years. The singer died in 2001 in a plane crash.

Surviving R Kelly is from Kreativ Inc, the prodco backed by Banijay Group's Bunim/Murray Productions, and is exec produced by critic Dream Hampton, Brie Miranda Bryant, Joel Karsberg and Jesse Daniels.

Few celebrities participated in the documentary, despite the willingness of many to record with the artist in the wake of his child pornography trial.

Let's hope the conversation will finally spark action and justice for these women.

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