Samsung Takes New TVs to The Window, to The Wall

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

The 219-inch Wall wasn't the only Micro LED TV announced for 2019.

The Window: Samsung's modular MicroLED TVs can take various sizes and shapes. MicroLED displays have very small LEDs for each pixel; they individually illuminate based on the light and color that pixel needs to display.

The bigger appeal of Micro LED, as The Verge highlights, is picture quality that should rival or beat OLED technology without the shortcomings associated with using an organic material (Micro LEDs are inorganic).

Samsung says it has improved the MicroLED tech since a year ago by refining the manufacturing process of MicroLED panels to shrink the gap between the microscopic LEDs that make up these displays.

By adding Micro LED modules users can seamlessly expand the display size to their preference including; irregular 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1. It was technically impressive and showed a great deal of potential, but it has yet to be commercially released. "A 75" 4K micro LED TV was announced during the Samsung preview event, along with an intriguing modular micro LED display that can be customised and expanded simply by adding more micro LED modules.

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Featuring leading-edge self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, Samsung's Micro LED displays deliver unparalleled picture quality, versatility and design.

Samsung has showcased its new Micro LED screen technology at CES 2019, debuting a 75-inch 4K "home-friendly" version and whopping 219-inch "The Wall". That's a step down in terms of resolution from some of the 8K TVs we've heard about here at CES 2019, but that's not unexpected given the nascent nature of MicroLED.

We knew previous year that MicroLED was created to be a modular tech - panels grouped around a main control panel - but Samsung is now happy to show this in more detail and says it could be created to fill any size space.

Little else is known about the product; we're yet to see a price or any other specs.

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