Hyundai's CES concept is a WALKING CAR



It looks straight out of Star Wars or could be mistaken for a Transformer, but Hyundai's "walking car" concept, unveiled at CES 2019, could be the future of disaster assistance and emergency response. As a taxi, for example, Elevate could transport a person in a wheelchair easily.

Hyundai has unveiled an unusual "walking" concept vehicle that it claims is the first auto with "moveable legs". Labelled as an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), the Elevate combines technology found in electric cars and robots, which allows it to traverse terrain beyond the limitations of even the most capable off-road vehicles. This means it can function like a traditional vehicle, capable of traveling at highway speeds with passive suspension.

The Elevate is envisioned as the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, and was created to ride on a set of retractable "legs" that can raise the cabin in the air and allow the vehicle to climb over 5-foot walls or across 5-foot gaps.

The company believes that the technology could be used in non-emergency situations as well, particularly helping those with disabilities.


Hyundai says the walking concept can climb a five-foot wall, step over a five-foot gap, walk over diverse terrain and achieve a 15-foot track width, all while keeping its body and passengers "completely level". "Imagine a auto stranded in a snow ditch just 10 feet off the highway being able to walk or climb over the treacherous terrain, back to the road potentially saving its injured passengers - this is the future of vehicular mobility", said designer David Byron from Hyundai's design partner, Sundberg-Ferar. The idea is that when there is a natural disaster like an quake that rescue vehicles aren't able to get into, or take aid to this auto could get to the scene and climb right over flood debris or crumbled concrete.

According to Hyundai, Elevate can climb even a five-foot high wall. "The possibilities are limitless.", mentions John Suh, VP and Head, Hyundai Cradle. "Elevate can drive to the scene and climb right over flood debris or crumbled concrete", Suh said.

In addition to unveiling its latest concept vehicle, Hyundai also presented its future mobility road map at CES 2019.

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