Man accused of stealing $10M lottery ticket from roommate

Man 'stole friend's

California man arrested for stealing roommate's $10m lottery ticket

The man went to his home and shared the news with his two roommates.

He stuffed the ticket in his coat pocket and went to bed.

When the actual holder of the winning ticket went to collect, he was told he had a losing ticket that had been altered.

Against the odds, the ticket was a victor.

The victim suspected the ticket had been stolen by one of his roommates and reported the theft to the police department.

It turned out his instincts were correct.

Lo and behold - the next day, Saosongyang attempted to cash in the winning ticket, which he discovered was worth not United States $10,000 as he'd thought, but USA $10 million.

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The next day, the man took his ticket to the California State Lottery's district office in Sacramento to get his jackpot, only to be told the ticket wasn't a victor and had been altered. That's when he learned that the scratch off wasn't $10,000 but was actually worth $10 million.

But whatever dream of accepting a jumbo-sized check Saosongyang may have had, it was delayed. When the Lottery Investigator went to Lucky in Vacaville to obtain video surveillance footage of the original purchase they were told the ticket might be stolen.

Still in shock, the victor, who has not been identified, went to the local grocery store where the ticket was purchased to confirm his big win, police told the outlet.

"Once we saw that, it was clear what had happened", Polen said. But being told it was in the millions, he was also informed by officials that his ticket was not a victor and may have been altered. He found out that the prize was not just $10,000 but actually $10 million.

Adul Saosongyang, 35, stole his roommate's winning $30 scratcher ticket and swapped it with a different one, initially thinking the winning ticket was worth $10,000, Vacaville police said. But instead of walking out with fistfuls of money, he left with his hands clasped behind his back.

"That's definitely not the prize he was expecting", they wrote on Facebook on Tuesday after the suspect was charged with grand theft and booked into jail. According to police, he does not yet have a lawyer. Around the same time, Saosongyang was doing his own paperwork to collect the earnings.

"Then we can give him his money", Lopez said.

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