North West officials to visit school following alleged racism

Black pupils allegedly segregated from white ones at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke North West 9 January 2019

South Africa teacher suspended over class 'split by race'

Parents have started removing their children from a Schweizer-Reneke primary school in the North West amid protests outside the school reports EWN.

He said the school's explanation was that black children were separated because they were new at the school and could not speak Afrikaans or English. Some black parents whose children have been refused admission to Laerskool Marble Hall say only black children have been placed on the waiting list. Whilst my office is 20mins away I sped to collect my child at an instance and remove her from the school immediately.

Race relations remain tense in South Africa 25 years after the end of white-minority apartheid rule, with fierce racism-related controversies erupting regularly on social media and in politics. Language policy has historically been used to exclude black learners.

Upon opening it, she saw how her child, along with three other black kids, were seated on the furthest corner of the classroom, while 18 of her child's white classmates were all happily seated at the longest table with smiles on their faces.

She said no one said a thing about the separation of the grade R class, so, she spoke to another parent outside of the WhatsApp group.

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The image began circulating on social media.

According to the mother, she dropped of her child at school and around 9am, the teacher posted a photo of the grade R classroom on WhatsApp to give the parents an update on their kids.

We've been told that this never happens at the school under normal circumstances.

The teacher was suspended today while the department of education investigates the facts.

The GDE, led by Lesufi, concluded that what they had witnessed on the video, showing white children being separated from their black classmates as they hopped off the bus, was a common occurrence in classrooms.

Provincial education minister Sello Lehare was despatched to the school in the small town of Schweizer-Reneke on a fact-finding mission, the BBC's Milton Nkosi says.

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