Best Buy’s two-day sale discounts Amazon and Google’s smart home devices

CES 2019: Google Is Blitzing CES with a Literal Rollercoaster Full of Google Assistant Tech

Google Assistant Will be on One Billion Devices by the End of the Month

Google is demoing new features coming to its Google Assistant at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. You can then have your Google Home or smart display translate Spanish for you into English or any other language you choose.

Meanwhile, for all your bedside requests, Google also showed off Lenovo's new Smart Clock which puts all of the Assistant's features in a handy $80 (£63) companion (UK pricing and availability TBA).

Google's virtual assistant will tie-up with Google Maps for better navigation. The integration will allow Google Maps users to share their estimated arrival time with friends and automatically get directions home with their voice.

Back on the Google Maps Assistant integration for Android and iOS, in short, this mode would help users make use of the Assistant while on the go.

Google Assistant will soon let people check-in to their flights, save and retrieve their boarding passes.

Verizon slams AT&T for using 5G network call signal
It's a bit surprising to see T-Mobile and Verizon essentially join forces to mock AT&T, but that happened this week. T-Mobile is hoping to merge with rival Sprint, arguing the deal will accelerate development of 5G in the US.

One caveat: the property must belong to a participating major brand, such as Choice Hotels, AccorHotels, and InterContinental Hotels Group, or bookable via Priceline and Expedia.

The Google Home Hub, in particular, is going for $99.99. By saying, "Hey Google, check in to my flight", the assistant will walk through the steps of checking in.

Sonos didn't release anything new at CES 2019, but it did announce something special: Google Assistant is finally on its way to selected speakers in its range, in the form of a (currently private) beta.

Google Assistant controls more devices: At CES 2019, Google expanded its portfolio of Google Assistant-powered devices. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm now covers just about everything. The good news is the wait is nearly over as Sonos has finally confirmed Assistant support is nearly completed. The feature has recently been integrated at hotel concierge desks across the US. At CES it announced support for more smart home devices later this year, included appliances, security systems and other connected devices.

The Consumer Electronics Show has only just begun and still has a long way to go before it is curtains on January 11 and one can not wait to see Google's pending announcements in the next few days of the show.

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