Seals Overrun Town After Bay Waters Freeze, Block Them from the Ocean

Canadian town suffers seal invasion

Fisheries officers to deal with seals invading northern Newfoundland town

Stenson said both seals were stuck by cars, something Fitzgerald said happened after several days of hearing about near misses from Roddickton residents.

"They're pitiful to look at".

"It wouldn't be a surprise to me if the Roddickton detachment were to get a call, for example say, if there was a herd of seals blocking the roadway", Garland said.

Fitzgerald says residents will be able to call in seal sightings and have officials transport the animals back out to safety.

But this week, that small Canadian town is on the map because of a different animal: the harp seal.

A wandering seal that parked itself in front of a southern Newfoundland hospital entrance over the weekend has been returned to the water - twice.

The Fisheries Department has repeated its statements that it is illegal to disturb the animals, emphasizing that these rules protect humans as much as the animals.

Police in Roddickton-Bide Arm, N.L. - the community that at least 40 seals are now calling home - have confirmed that two of the mammals have died.

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"There's not enough food in that little water supply", she added.

Fitzgerald says that two seals have died this week, in what she believes is a traffic accident.

This year, he says, limited ocean ice might be forcing the seals to settle for coastal ice, which increases their risk of stranding.

"We're seeing them more lethargic, they're not moving as fast", Roddickton-Bide Arm mayor Sheila Fitzgerald told The Northern Pen newspaper.

Stenson is confident the seals will eventually get their bearings, but until they do he said people should keep their distance - don't go in for any seal selfies.

Experts have said the rapid rate at which the waters froze could have disoriented the seals which is why they can now be observed heading inland.

The Roddickton-Bide Arm town council raised the issue at a regular municipal meeting Tuesday night, and resolved to ask the Department of Fisheries and Ocean to intervene.

The animals are protected by law and should not be approached.

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