Amazon Reportedly Growing Cloud-Primarily based Video Recreation Streaming Service

The Amazon logo in a building in the downtown district

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The Information reported that the company held discussions with publishers about releasing games on a new service as early as 2020.

The Japanese gaming giant's PlayStation Now game streaming service isn't something many talk about.

Through its Twitch subsidiary, the rapidly growing live video streaming service that focuses on video games, Amazon also oversees a thriving community of passionate gamers, some of whom are enjoying mainstream success and elevated cultural cache.

That tidbit of news is according to a report on The Information, and while the details are thin, the publication says Amazon could be joining Sony, Google and Nvidia as a game streaming provider as early as next year.

These online games will be hosted by cloud servers and streamed over the internet, giving users the hardware-flexibility.

Even if this rumor was true, Amazon wouldn't be the first to roll out such a service.

Google and Microsoft may beat Amazon to the market. Microsoft confirmed the existence of its formerly-rumored Project xCloud in October, which will bring game streaming to any device, including smartphones.

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Backing up the claims, The Verge.spotted two job listings posted by Amazon for engineers to work on cloud gaming.

The idea is that the service will handle all the heavy computing needed to run graphics-intensive games in the cloud, and then stream it to your computer or mobile device so your experience is indistinguishable from running those titles natively on a high-end gaming system.

Sony already offers a cloud gaming service.

Microsoft is also developing a cloud streaming service.

Would you want to see Amazon move into this area? Amazon has Prime TV, which demonstrates that the company is rooted to streaming already, and a similar infrastructure in its AWS-cloud based storage service, is already used by some developers including Ubisoft and Sega.

Amazon has yet to officially confirm the reports.

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