CES - VLC Adding AirPlay Support, Hits 3 Billion Downloads

VLC passes 3 billion downloads

VLC Expected to Break 3B Downloads at CES, Will Add Airplay Soon

The mobile app for VLC has already packed in many features that can't be found in other media players, but the addition of AirPlay has been a major omission for years. VideoLan, the company behind VLC, announced earlier this week at CES (Consumers Electronics Show) 2019 that its app will exceed 3 billion downloads this weekend.

Just like Chromecast support, however, VLC plans to add AirPlay support to all of its platforms.

There is no fixed date for when this feature will be available to users, but a developer at CES did note that it's expected to launch within the next few months, allowing Android users in particular the ability to beam videos to Apple TV devices. When the update does land, it would make VLC one of the few Android apps to actually support AirPlay support, and it would most certainly be the biggest name to offer the functionality. There is no release date yet at all. What you probably didn't know, is that VLC reached has been downloaded more than 3 billion times on the official website. We would like it to be part of VLC 4, which is the next major release we are now working on.

Thoughts about VLC finally hitting 3 billion downloads?

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But that's not all that the dozen or so people on the VLC development team are working on.

To make it possible, headset manufacturers using SDK would have needed to add a massive amount of code with hundreds of megabytes to make the headset compatible with the main VLC app.

VLC is also preparing to add native support for VR content, according to the report, adding that VLC's developers are planning features including the option to watch 2D content in a movie theater-style environment. They noted that mobile downloads account for about a quarter of that number.

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