National Football League playoffs 2019: Cold temperatures could be factor in Patriots-Chargers game

Report: Gronkowski considering retirement after season

New England Patriots vs. L.A. Chargers score: Live updates, game stats, analysis for AFC Divisional Playoffs

Bill Belichick will have them ready, but individual players will have to step up to keep the Chargers rushing and passing attack at bay. That game was also at Gillette Stadium, losing by the score of 21-12.

Brandon Mebane, a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers announced on Wednesday that his 7-week-old daughter Makenna died on Thursday, January 3rd after battling a defective heart condition, according to ESPN.

In a typical season, this would be a lock for the Patriots. Apart from mostly injury-lost years in 2016 and 2013, this has been the worst statistical season of his since his 2010, rookie season.

ANOTHER TERM: Venezuela's Socialist President Sworn-in for SECOND Six-Year Term
Still, supporters who receive government subsidies in shantytowns continue to back the man who took over for the late Hugo Chavez. Velazquez blamed opportunists who drive up the prices on scarce items making life hard for families like hers.

In Los Angeles right now, it's 52 degrees with the sun out.

The push for paydirt marked the third touchdown of the game for Michel, who scored on each of the Patriots' first two drives of the game. New England's pass defense and pass rush aren't all that great either, so Philip Rivers and his receivers should be able to make plays.

He'll hope to help the Chargers come up with a huge win over the Patriots, which would allow Los Angeles to advance to the AFC Championship Game next week.

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