Samsung unveils giant 219-inch TV named ‘The Wall’

CES: Samsung Reveals Massive New 8K TV

Samsung goes big with a 219-inch TV

CNET reports that Samsung's line of 8K TVs offers upscaling, but for a TV that size you'd probably want native 8K.

One of the coolest devices at this years CES is the new LG Signature OLED TV R which features a rollable display.

Game of Thrones 8 official teaser and premiere date is out
HBO previously released a short teaser trailer for the season, which fans have been awaiting for two years. On Sunday, HBO finally announced the premiere date for the final season of " Game of Thrones ".

There was chatter at CES over Hisense's new ULED XD display tech, which uses a dual-layer panel (essentially a 4K screen with another HD screen behind it) to enhance local dimming and dynamic range - though we're yet to see any models announced with the new tech. For you, that means a pure black base that reduces glare from the sun, a superior color purity that is twice as good as standard LED televisions, and a sharper, brighter image that brings whatever you're watching to life.

An upgrade from 2018's 146-inch television, the Wall was recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. The giant TV isn't a single piece, instead, multiple modules allow users to customise it into different screen sizes for various spaces. However, there is no word if and when the TV will go on sale. It is powered by the company's second-gen Alpha 9 processor. Who really needs an 8K TV? 8K resolution delivers the most realistic pictures that look sharp, vivid, and detailed. The previous one was also Samsung's own 85-inch model launched past year.

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