Canadian report outlines health benefits in lean red meats

Canada's Food Guide unveiled

Canada's Food Guide Receives First Major Revamp in 12 Years

The cattle industry is reacting to the new Canada Food Guide. "Categorizing food as "highly processed" unfairly vilifies food that can be part of a healthy diet and that many Canadians rely upon as a convenient, affordable, safe and nutritious option", Michi Furuya Chang, the group's senior vice-president of public policy and regulatory affairs, said in a news release. "This is why Canadians need credible healthy-eating information to guide their food choices", Hutchinson said.

The new Canada Food Guide has been published. The 2015 report also says dairy products were Canadians' "major" source of calcium. "The logic is: 'I can't afford and I don't have time to only eat fresh product. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Minister Petitpas Taylor and Health Canada to improve the health of Canadians". "That could mean having vegetarian meals once or twice a week as a family and including more lentils, chickpeas and tofu". We commend Health Canada on taking a broader approach to eating by providing evidence-based guidance on not only what to eat but how to eat. When these foods are consumed on a regular basis, they can contribute to excess intake of sodium, sugars or saturated fat, which are all linked to chronic disease.

"Lumping milk products together with other protein foods will lead to inadequate intakes of important nutrients", the Dairy Farmers of Canada's Isabelle Neiderer, a registered dietitian, said in a recent statement.

The official recommendations, released on Tuesday, do away with the previous breakdown of foods into the categories of meat or alternatives, dairy, fruit and vegetables and grains. We've definitely seen a shift in our society's preference for vegan and vegetarian food over the past decade, that much is evident in the sheer amount of popular traditional meat alternatives flying off the shelves and onto the grills of staple fast-food chains across the country.

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"We really needed to keep that distance for any perceived or real conflict of interest", Hutchinson said.

Asked about Health Canada's warning against deli meats in particular, Mary Ann Binnie, the Canadian Meat Council's nutrition consultant, noted that the advice was to limit consumption, not avoid it entirely. Additionally, Health Canada and Indigenous Services Canada are committed to working with First Nations, Inuit and Métis to support the development of distinctions-based healthy eating tools, as part of the revision process. "Quite frankly, we should be focusing on the cakes, the sweets, the sugary drinks", she said.

However, Harvie said the beef industry will try to make Canadians understand that not all protein foods are identical.

However, scientists such as Dr. Walter Willett, a Harvard nutrition expert (who comes from a long line of dairy farmers) has argued humans have no nutritional requirement for animal milk whatsoever. The guide now clearly states that food and beverages in publicly funded institutions - including hospitals and schools - should align with the eating guidelines. "These foods aren't totally interchangeable, for example, you can't get vitamin B12 from plant-based sources of protein". The visual guide shows a plate topped with a variety of produce, protein and whole grains, but the only dairy pictured is yogurt.

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