Measles outbreak grows in anti-vaccination 'hot spot' in northwest US

Inslee declares state of emergency over Washington measles outbreak

Measles Outbreak: What You Need To Know About Disease

The outbreak appears to have already spread to neighbouring OR, with one related case reported.

Before the measles vaccination program began in the 1963, about 3 to 4 million people in the USA got measles every year.

In 2000, the US healthcare department announced that measles has been eliminated because of a well-distributed vaccination program.

Health department officials have connected 27 of the Clark County measles cases to non-immunized people while four cases remain unverified. As of Friday, Clark County Public Health had posted even higher numbers, with 30 confirmed and nine suspected cases.

They added the outbreak could still be in its infancy as the incubation period of the virus averages 14 days.

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Measles is highly contagious when an infected person is in the environment. Present outbreaks in the USA include the outbreak in Washington state as well as an outbreak among the Orthodox Jewish community in NY. For now, public health officials are focused on preventing additional exposure. "I can tell you, anybody who says that has never had measles". It still causes around 110 000 deaths each year, namely in Africa and Asia, despite being preventable through a highly effective vaccination developed back in 1963.

Many of these objections stem from the anti-vaccine movement, recently declared one of the biggest threats to humanity by the World Health Organization. Only 77.4 percent of all public students there complete their vaccinations, according to state records cited by the Oregonian.

"It's (the vaccine's) nearly 97 or 98 percent effective if you've taken the two doses", Vaid said. Of those, just 1 percent had medical exemptions, while a massive 7 percent objected due to "personal or religious reasons". In New York and New Jersey, the measles have mostly affected Orthodox Jewish communities that have been resistant to getting the vaccine, according to the CDC.

The Health District sent out a list of locations the patient had visited between January 12 and January 19, and where the patient may have possibly exposed others to the virus.

Armstrong said Clark County Public Health will provide daily updates pertaining to the ongoing measles investigation. Complications from the disease, such as swelling of the brain, can be deadly.

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