New York Times pokes Zuckerberg with anniversary video

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg testifies during a US House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing about Facebook on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Facebook 15 Years On How the Social Network Became a Powerful Political Tool AFP 2018 Saul Loeb

Although why you'd ever want to delete a message for yourself but not for anyone else is beyond our reasoning here. After changing its name to just "Facebook" in 2005, the social network was opened to the general public in the fall of 2006, marking the start of one of the most remarkable growth stories in corporate history. Whichever it is, Facebook Messenger will let you delete your messages - if you do it in time.

This chart shows Facebook's user growth since 2004.

The Facebook CEO recounted in the note his "dorm room decision" to launch "a simple website organized around people", which has now grown into a global giant with more than 2 billion active users.

As was first reported on Tuesday by The Verge, Facebook Messenger is introducing its official "unsend" feature.

Whether Facebook was actually testing that feature or it was simply announced so Facebook could avoid the tricky conversation about why Zuckerberg's old messages were suddenly gone is unknown, but regardless, it's here for us know.

The new feature will be available today on the latest versions of Messenger for iOS and Android.

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People can now erase direct messages on Facebook Messenger up to 10 minutes after they are sent as part of a new privacy push at the social network.

We've all sent messages we regret, whether it's a typo, the wrong conversation or something a bit too below the belt. It not only disappears from your messages but also from the recipient.

Rumours about this life-saving ability have been circulating for months, but it's finally available in an update released today.

Users will have two options: "Remove for You" and "Remove for Everyone".

Mark Zuckerberg wasn't restricted to a ten-minute window, but when we asked Facebook if all executives will be held to the same restrictions as users we were told that the change will apply to everyone including Facebook employees.

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