Girl who encouraged boyfriend to kill himself jailed

Michelle Carter is seen during her sentencing for involuntary manslaughter in 2017. She was convicted of encouraging her boyf

Court Upholds Conviction Of Michelle Carter In Texting-Suicide Case

Carter was 17 when she urged 18-year-old Roy, who was suicidal at the time, to kill himself with carbon monoxide from his pickup truck in a Fairhaven parking lot in July of 2014.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court disagreed, concluding in its ruling that "the evidence was sufficient to support the judge's finding of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed involuntary manslaughter as a youthful offender, and that the other legal issues presented by the defendant, including her First Amendment claim, lack merit", in the opinion written by Justice Scott L. Kafker, The Boston Globe reports.

USA courts heard that she bombarded boyfriend Conrad Roy III with text messages urging him to take his own life, and ordered him to get back into a truck full of toxic gas.

'After she convinced him to get back into the carbon monoxide filled truck, she did absolutely nothing to help him: she did not call for help or tell him to get out of the truck as she listened to him choke and die, ' a judge wrote Wednesday.

Carter's lawyers told the Supreme Judicial Court the only evidence Carter instructed Roy to get back in the truck was a long, rambling text she sent to a friend two months later in which she called Roy's death her fault.

The case, which drew national attention, revolved around the couple's intimate text messages in the days before Roy's death. "As the court stated, the defendant herself admitted that she caused the death of Conrad Roy by her own conduct".

"It's OK to be scared and it's normal".

He filled his parked truck with carbon monoxide from a generator he had hooked up to it.

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In arguments before the high court in October, Carter's attorney Daniel Marx said Carter was a misguided teen who was struggling with her own issues and had been trying to help Roy.

"I thought you wanted to do this. The time is right and you're ready - just do it babe".

"There are good reasons why almost every other state has passed a law to address 'assisted suicide, ' which inevitably involves complicated circumstances better addressed as a matter of policy by the legislature than in any particular case by the court", he said.

Carter and Roy both lived in MA but met in Florida in 2012 while both were on vacation with their families. Their relationship consisted mainly of texting and other electronic communications.

The Massachusetts branch of the American Civil Liberties Union also raised free speech concerns.

"The crime of involuntary manslaughter proscribes reckless or wanton conduct causing the death of another".

Instead of urging him to stop the act, Carter texted the victim to get inside the auto and complete the suicide process!

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