Julian Edelman Lets Ellen Shave His Playoff Beard For Charity

Super bowl New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski catches the ball for 29 yards the biggest gain of the day evading LA Rams corner back Marcus Peters and LA Rams inside linebacker Cory Littleton Los Angeles Rams v New England Patrio

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How might the Patriots roster change this offseason?

The Athletic website provides a thorough breakdown of the entire Patriots roster as it is now constituted, and a WEEI.com piece goes even further, focusing on free agents, salary cap space, and Patriots draft choices at the moment.

After everything the Rams went through all season to be one win away from earning a Super Bowl title, it was devastating to watch Sean McVay's squad lose to the Patriots the way they did, especially when taking into consideration how the offense only put up three points.

He said: "I'm just chilling, then boom, pop, full beer can right to the face".

Whitaker confirmed to appear before panel as scheduled
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Thursday to approve Barr's nomination, sending the pick to the full Senate. The vote doesn't issue a subpoena to Whitaker but allows committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler to do so if Whitaker is uncooperative.

Ratings for the first part of the Super Bowl were lower than they were for the fourth quarter and overtime of the AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots and Steelers will meet in the 2019-2020 season - perhaps even in the season opener, which would make for some great soundbytes - although with each passing year both teams raise more questions about how age will impact their lineup.

Finally, some light-hearted fare.

According to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, Coach Bill Belichick tells his players at the start of each National Football League campaign to "put everything in the drawer" and worry about it when the season is done. Despite the Rams making it to the big game over New Orleans, it was apparent analysts saw the Black and Gold as a superior team.

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